Source files

On this page you can find several Unity sample projects. You're free to modify and use it in your own projects, commercial and non-commercial. Of course, I welcome feedback, improvements and love to see what you've made with it.

Version 0.12, revamped car script, lots of other small enhancements (car must past gates, more nature, ...)
Version 0.11, first public download
Simple Test Project that loads a webpage into a texture
Helper file needed for ShowWebPage (gets url of the wanted page as argument and return plain/text with url to image of the wanted page). Needs to be put on a webserver somewhere. Warning: the site used for converting webpages to images doesn't seem to work anymore.
Simple Camera with focus/zoom and Depth of Field
JCar for iphone, fixed mesh colliders, lost all connections to meshes when converted from .jas to .fbx.
Simple and unrealistic plane experiment